Pre-requirements for ape

Development tools

Ape uses the normal development tools, compilers, linkers, libraries, and headers, on the system to build and install the packages it manages.

  • g++
  • patch
  • g77 or gfortran (for Aires)
  • linker
  • generic development headers

The last two are typically pulled in when g++ gets installed.

It is therefore necessary to install the packages providing those tools. Many distributions have meta-packages or package groups to simplify the installation of the development tools.

Packages not provided by ape

The packages provided through ape depend on other libraries or utilities currently not distributed through ape. They have to be installed by the user or administrator.

Note: If you experience problems getting the required packages installed by your system administrator, let us know and we consider distributing them with ape in the future.

The following packages have to be installed on a virgin ubuntu 9.04 to be able to install the  Auger Offline Software and the required external packages:

Other packages are optional, but some features of the packages installed by ape will be missing.

  • for  cmake:
    • libncurses?-dev: the ncurses library is required for ccmake, which provides full-screen editing of the  cmake cache.
  • for  Auger Offline:
    • doxygen, dot (graphviz), and LaTeX: The documentation will only be build if doxygen, dot (graphviz), and LaTeX are present.

Related tickets

See tickets #3, #18, #19, #24, and #25 for reports and comments. Please add comments or additional tickets if the information is incomplete.


Since ape is written in  python. It seems that  python is installed on most systems. This means that ape's dependency on  python isn't a problem under normal cirumstances.

Ape cannot run without  python, it is not possible to check automatically for its presence from inside ape.

Possible solution: add a simple shell script which will check that python is available before running ape.

Mac OS X

gfortran for OS X

If you want to compile Aires, you need a fortran compiler. It is not included in Apple's  xcode developer tools. You can get gfortran as part of the gcc package in  homebrew.