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Welcome to the Auger Package Environment (ape) trac pages

The ape package was developer as a tool to install the packages making up the  AugerWiki:OfflineSoftware of the  Pierre Auger Observatory. The  AugerWiki:OfflineSoftware depends on several external packages. Developing and testing for a large number of different versions, some installed by the user, others provided with the distribution of the operating system, has proven a difficult task.

The ape installation tool was developed in order to make setting a standardized environment easy and reliable, even to the non-expert.

Ape for  HAWC

Ape has been extended to install the  AERIE package of the  HAWC observatory and its dependencies. The  HAWC specific ape instructions complement the information provided here.


Information on how to use the current version of ape is provided in the  User Manual and API documentation. You can also get  documentation in pdf format for offline reading and printing.

We provide the documentation for the current and some of the previous releases of ape:

Development version.  v1.00 online documentation.  v1.00 manual in pdf.
v0.99 series
Release for Auger Offline v2r6 and v2r7 series.  v0.99 online documentation.  v0.99 manual in pdf.
Release for Auger Offline v2r5p7.  v0.98 online documentation.  v0.98 manual in pdf.


Your system will need some pieces of software installed before you can use ape. Without a python interpreter and development tools like compilers, patch processor, and library headers it will not be possible to build and install software. Currently, not everything is tested for. Please consult ApePreRequirements for information about problems detected and solutions proposed to deal with implicit dependencies on packages.

Getting ape

Released and tagged versions

Released versions of ape are available from the  downloads page. Check there first unless you are sure you want to get the development version of ape.

Development version and download from repository

You can browser the source using the trac browser or using  gitweb browser of the git repository.

There are different ways to download the software:

  •  tar-ball of the git head
  • clone the master development (git) repository via
           # create a read-only copy
           git clone git://devel.auger.unam.mx/ape.git

Developers might have their own clones of the ape repository. They should be listed in ApeDevelopment. Looking there can provide you with previews of features under development.

Reporting problems

If you encounter a problem with ape, please open a ticket with a bug report. To report a problem, please register with a valid e-mail address. Otherwise, you will not be notified about solutions or comments posted related to your ticket.

Ape development

You can open tickets to describe and request enhancements of ape. Please read ApeDevelopment on how to get involved directly.

Ape history

The development of ape started after discussions on install tools at the  Auger Offline Developer meeting 2009 in Karlsruhe. Segev BenZvi and Javier Gonzalez immediately provided an initial implementation. Since then, the code is maintained by Lukas Nellen.